Monday, February 3, 2020

In What Ways Globalisation Involves a Complex Cultural Process Essay

In What Ways Globalisation Involves a Complex Cultural Process - Essay Example As the paper declares global culture involves promoting life-style, consumption, products, and identities. Transnational corporations deploy advertising to penetrate local markets, to sell global products, and to overcome local resistance.† An example of the global culture is the way MTV is being marketed in the more conservative, less boisterous Asian markets. There are still millions of people in the country-side who do not know what MTV is, and would never accept such a concept. However, MTV has succeeded in penetrating the urban market and has vastly increased the generation-gap between the middle-aged population – who resist MTV and do not want the youth to adopt MTV culture – and the youth – who now have no connection with their traditional cultural values and have accepted the MTV culture. This paper stresses that not always does globalisation adversely affect the society. Many a time, when a society is globalised, it retains its local character while assimilating the external influence. This leads to a very positive change called ‘cultural diversity. â€Å"More and more Individuals stress their multicultural biographies, from writers like Salman Rushdie to Tiger Woods, shooting star of the international golf sport, who calls himself "Cablinasian" to point out his ancestry in black, Indian and Asian cultures.† This cultural diversity may, in turn, evolve new enduring local cultures and thus contribute to the development and evolution of an already existing local culture.

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